Making perfectly clear ice

Call me weird … but i like clear ice in my drinks for some odd reason. So I went on a mission to learn how to make it at home.

Note: This is amost totally pointless. It tastes the same, is just as cold (i think)… but it looks sweet!

Here is how I do it:

-= Making the Ice =-
1. Boil lots of water
2. Let it cool to room temperature (dont skip this step)
3. Boil it again
4. Let it cool to room temperature (yes, again)
5. Fill a small cooler with the water. Leave about 10cm (4″) of room at the top
6. Take the lid off the cooler or leave the lid open
7. Put the cooler in your freezer
8. Leave it for 24 hours
9. Take the cooler out of the freezer and it will be frozen on the top 8cm (3″) or so
10. Slide a knife down the side of the block and ease it around the block. This will let in air and release the block
11. Take the block out carefully and use a knife to remove sharp bits

-= Cutting it/Shaping it=-
Note: I have not mastered this bit yet

1. get a saw or knife and score the block where you want to cut it.
2. Place knife on score line and knock/hit it with a rubber mallet
3. Hopefully it will break cleanly
4. repeat until you have the rough blocks you want
5. Use a hot fry pan to shape the blocks and make perfect sides of the block

Bask in the glory of your perfectly clear ice.


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