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Interesting links – Multilingual Office 365, Android, Ruby and OneNote

Only a few this week.  Sorry, buts its been a crazy busy week #2 at MS.

Happy Friday!

Interesting links – Part 1

Every week I come across a bunch of things I find interesting on the internet; as I am sure many other do.  I usually tweet these out, or post on LinkedIn etc… However, I often loose the link shortly after and inevitably someone will ask about a topic and I remember reading something about it but cant remember where to find it.  I’m terrible at keeping bookmarks/favorites sorted etc… 

So what I thought I would do instead is post an interesting links post once a week (or whenever I have a decent set) so not only I have a reference, but you do to.

Mostly these will be work related, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Development etc… But from time to time will include personal interest links too.

Here goes for this week: