ChrisJohnsonChris is an avid developer, speaker, author, and Microsoft MVP (Azure). He is Co-Founder and CTO at Hyperfish, a startup based in Kirkland, WA (USA) that automates the curation of user profile information in products like Office 365. Prior to Hyperfish Chris was with Microsoft in a variety of roles in the Office 365 and SharePoint groups.

Chris is from New Zealand, and moved to the USA in 2007. Chris’ background is in software engineering, and he enjoys all things technical. He is a speaker at numerous conferences around the world such as Microsoft Ignite, Tech.Ed, the SharePoint Conference and many smaller community events. Chris holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, and enjoys throwing himself out of perfectly good airplanes from time to time.

Chris co-hosts a popular weekly podcast, the Microsoft Cloud Show, that focuses on Microsoft cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and the competitive cloud computing landscape.


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