I’ll be presenting at TechEd North America…


UPDATE:  You can grab the PPT and watch the video on the TechEd site now: here. I’ll be posting code in a follow blog post soon.  Thx to all that came to the session!

TechEd North America 2012 is in sunny Orlando again this year and I am lucky to have been picked to talk about a favorite topic of mine SharePoint and the Cloud. 


Building Microsoft SharePoint Online Applications in a Hybrid World

sharepoint_2010_onlineI know a lot organizations want to jump into cloud computing, but will be living with on-prem systems for a long time to come.  Its just the way its going to be for a lot of different reasons. Who knows it could be like that forever. 

This session will be tailored to those who want to look at leveraging SharePoint Online and integrating it with their on-prem line of business systems and databases.  It will be a dev heavy session with examples for each of the techniques I talk about.  I’ll be talking a lot about SharePoint Online (obviously), Windows Azure, Service Bus, JSONP and more.

Anyway, if you are attending TechEd and are interested in this stuff I would love it if you came along! 

See you at TechEd!


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