SharePint WPC 2012

4788734416_08ea25f3b6_mOne of my favorite social gatherings at most conferences where there are SharePoint people is the SharePint.  It’s the epitome of all things good in the SharePoint community.  Typically non-sponsored it is where people regardless of company, technical orientation or SharePoint prowess come and share stories and catch-up.  I love meeting people I haven’t seen for a while at these things.  I think its an awesome feature of the community.

WPC 2012 – the Microsoft World Wide Partner conference will be no different in Toronto this year.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by the master WPC SharePint ringleader Owen Allen



@ProvokeZoo will be at WPC in force this year.  I will be joined by Mase (CEO) and our two other GMs, Brendon (Auckland) and Rob (Wellington). 

Be sure to follow @SharePint for updates and information.

See you at SharePint!


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