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New Zealand and Australian SharePoint Conferences 2012

SharePoint has one of the most vibrant and amazing communities in the tech industry.  Meeting people and talking about everything from the latest techie thing you are working on to how your running is going is all part of the entertainment, education & bonding when attending a SharePoint conference anywhere in the world.

imageIf you are in the New Zealand or Australia region of this fine planet imagearound the latter half of March and you are interested in SharePoint, I urge you to attend the New Zealand SharePoint Conference 2012 or the Australian SharePoint Conference 2012.  These are two excellent grass roots events organized by some of the dedicated community leaders and MVPs from the area.

They just released their agendas: Australia, New Zealand  and they have a fantastic line up of speakers from all over the world.

I am privileged to be heading down and will be speaking at both events on building online applications in a hybrid world and sharing some stories and thoughts with you in a keynote.

Register via the event sites below:



If you are attending, come and say hi.