Hyperfish Directory Analyzer

Exciting news! Last week we released a beta of our free directory analysis product! 

This is the first small step towards a much larger product we have coming later in September at Microsoft’s Ignite conference for helping organizations leverage their investments in SharePoint and Office 365 better. It will ensure organizations have rock solid people profile data in their directories to power experiences like profiles, Delve, search, personalized intranets, automated business process decision making and more.  But more on that in the coming weeks (stay tuned to www.hyperfish.com also).

So what does this directory analysis do?

Simply put, it scans your on-prem Active Directory or online Azure Active Directory and tells you interesting facts and figures about the completeness and accuracy of your users profile data. We send you a report on what we find.

 Screenshot of Report

We have been testing it with our beta users and now we are ready to have others try it out.

It’s a Beta, you might hit a bug and hopefully will have feedback for us! If you do, please reply to the email you get from us with your thoughts.

Try it out here:  https://app.hyperfish.com

We would love any feedback you have! Also feel free to reach out if you hit any issues on twitter @LoungeFlyZ


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