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Back in November 2011 I said “Adios Microsoft” and left to start the US office for Provoke Solutions. I can’t believe it has been over two years since then.  Time has flown by!

Well all things come to and end and on the 10th of March I will rejoin Microsoft.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Provoke.  On Nov 1 2011 I literally unloaded a car full of things and set up myself in an office in Bellevue as employee #1.  We have achieved some amazing things since then and I am personally very proud what we accomplished. It’s been very personally rewarding, challenging and character building. Running a small business is hard, but a lot of fun all at the same time. I was fortunate enough of having the backing from our New Zealand based team so I never felt like it was just me.

But now I am ready for my next chapter.

I am heading back to a familiar but different team from my last stint at Microsoft, the Office 365 team. I will be leading a team to help to make Office 365 a great place for developers, software vendors (ISVs), development houses (“System Integrators”) and others to customize, extend and build software for Office 365 and constituent products on-premises.


This opportunity was too good to pass up.  The chance to work on the worlds #1 leading productivity software and to help take developers and ISVs along for the ride! Couple that with a unique time in computing history as the paradigm shift of cloud computing takes hold and it makes for a very unique opportunity that I couldn’t resist.

They had me at “helping developers”.

The current story for developers building for the cloud in 365 is only in its infancy and I am very much looking forward to being involved and helping as much as I can.

I know lots of people out in the community, the SharePoint community especially, who are very passionate and vocal about the issues they are facing with development for Office 365 today.  I know fully well what many of the issues are, however, as always, I look forward to talking with as many people as I can and working on these issues together.  It needs to be a collaborative effort and it wont happen over night.  But it will happen.

I am really looking forward to the SharePoint Conference in Vegas next week!


10 thoughts on “Hola Microsoft

  1. Jeff Shuey

    Congrats. Taking a break from the MS Machine is a good thing. I think the perspective from the other side of 148th is a good thing. I hope we can work together again. We have several O365 projects in the works – both for Compliance / Content Governance and LOB (SAP) integration. So, when can we chat? Perhaps a quick run by our booth at #SPC14 would be in order. Come to the Gimmal booth #1118 and/or ping me directly.

    Congrats again. I look forward to more great stuff.

  2. Terry

    Can only be a good thing. Hope you can / they allow you to bring a behind the scenes insight to your pod show! i.e. ideas being worked on even in their infancy. Not knowing features are coming is sometimes as bad as them never coming 🙂


  3. Marc D Anderson

    Don’t forget the little people, Chris. The wee, little people who have to use what the developers hath wrought.

    I hope you have a ball.


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