Content by Search webpart in Office 365

It looks like the much awaited Content by Search Web Part might start showing up in Office 365 tenants!  I’m not sure when this started, and it might not be on all tenancies just yet.

Here it is in all its search laden glory …


It seems to depend on what version your Office 365 tenant is.  If you have or above then you should be in luck.

To find out what version your tenancy is on log in and navigate to the following URL:

You should see something like this:


Update: MS has announced this now:


3 thoughts on “Content by Search webpart in Office 365

  1. Felice

    Finally! After all the hype at last year’s conference around search, it was a huge let down to find out this wasn’t available on Office 365…..
    Still cannot see it though…..
    On 3 different tenancies, still cannot see it even though I am on that version. Is anything required to make it appear, tried activating search web parts features on, but still nothing.

    1. Chris Johnson Post author

      Hi Felice,

      You need to turn on Site Collection & Site publishing Features in order for it to show up.

      Site Collection Feature: SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
      Site : SharePoint Server Publishing

      Hope this helps.


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