Yammer and Office 365 integration gets tighter

Microsoft has been talking about faster releases in Office 365 and getting functionality out to its customers on a cadence they are not used to with on-prem software.  It’s great to see this happening albeit too slowly for some people.

Today is another example of small but important steps forward.

Christophe from the SharePoint team just posted about a new improvement in Office 365 that lets you comment on a document that lives in Office 365 and have that comment land in Yammer.

We had built an app called Share-It for Office 365 that does this, albeit in a less sophisticated manner.  You can read about that here: http://www.looselytyped.net/2013/06/26/shareit-for-office-365-is-published/

Although I’m sad that Share-It for Office 365 in its current form has been superseded we have some new plans for Share-It that I hope to be able to talk about shortly deepening the integration options between the two system.  I can’t say i am upset they did this at all, after all the idea from Share-It actually came from the work I did with the SharePoint team during the last SharePoint Conference and it was very clear that eventually this same functionality would be baked in. It was no surprise at all.

It’s awesome to see the two getting small but important improvements like this!  Well done MS.

Read Christophe’s post here:


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