Puget Sound SharePoint User Group presentation – Stop! Yammer Time.

Last night i was fortunate enough to present to the local Puget Sound SharePoint User group at the Microsoft offices in Bellevue.  I titled my presentation “Stop!  Yammer time”.

It was all about Yammer (no surprise there).  I ran through where I thought things were at with regards to the current overlap and confusion between the out of the box SharePoint social features vs. those in Yammer, some roadmap information about what to expect over the next year with regards to the integration of the two products and also a few bits for developers on what APIs are available.  I also demoed a sneak peak of an app for SharePoint Online that we are publishing shortly that lets people post information to Yammer from SharePoint (more on that soon in a future post).

I was also a little antagonistic (trying to get people questioning and thinking a bit more) with my analogy between SP vs. Yammer and the Matrix movies Red pill vs. Blue pill decision that Neo has to make.  Blue pill, stay blissfully ignorant that Yammer isn’t the future of all things social in SharePoint and other Microsoft products, or the Red pill, take the painful truth of reality now and get ready for the future albeit painful and a bit messy for the time being.

It was a fun session and i really enjoyed the opportunity to present.

My slides are below if you are interested in taking a look.  (they don’t really articulate a lot of what i spoke about outside of the slides, but hopefully it helps a little)


2 thoughts on “Puget Sound SharePoint User Group presentation – Stop! Yammer Time.

  1. Rich Wood

    Chris, sounds fun– wish I’d been there to see it. I think the red/blue pill analogy is interesting though I might argue for a regimen of proper diet and exercise in lieu of either for the time being. 😉

  2. Mark Gillis

    We chatted a bit at the SharePint after your presentation about apps and such. I read your book
    Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development. It was just what the doctor ordered for me. It really was a great overview of all the app angles with some useful practices. I needed the big picture to help me focus on which app solutions were right for me. Congrats to you, Donovan, and Steve on a fine book.
    Mark Gillis
    No-code solutions using SharePoint 2013 Composites (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/fp161345)


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