Surface with Windows RT

Just pre-ordered a new Surface and really looking forward to getting it in a imageweek or so.

I am really trying to stay open minded about this device.  As you may know I am an MS kool-aid drinker for WAY back … but I have spent plenty of time with other devices too.  I used to have an iPhone 3G, 3GS and a 4. I have an iPad (v1) currently that is my couch surfing device of choice.

A lot of people are asking my why get the RT version (ARM) over the Pro (x86) in 3 months time.

I want to replace my iPad.  I am not looking for a laptop replacement right now. That is why I don’t care about running existing Windows desktop apps etc…

On top of that here are a few things why I think I will like the Surface better than my iPad:

  • Physical keyboard built into the screen cover.  I’m only one flip away from productively typing a blog post like this vs. feeling like a nonce trying to type it on the crappy on screen keyboard.
  • USB – plug in full size keyboard, mouse, printer etc…
  • Expandable storage
  • Multi-Tasking apps, snapped view of twitter while doing something else.

But who really knows right?!?! The proof will really be in the pudding and my intention is to update this post with my thoughts and views after having used it for a while.

Also ill post my “Will it blend” or whatever other iPad disintegration video I come up with.


One thought on “Surface with Windows RT

  1. Husain

    Things that bug me about RT: most apps haven’t been tested on it, and reviewers found performance issues with a lot of apps. Flash plugin seems dodgy performance-wise (none issue for iPad replacement), and screen res is low (seriously, why couldn’t they put the 1080p display on the RT since they’ve got it planned for the Pro?).

    But as you said – proof is in the pudding. Will be keen to hear how you find it, after you’ve gotten over your honeymoon period 🙂


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