NZ/AU SPC slides – Building Mobile SP Apps–Featuring the “#johnsoncam”

As promised to those who attended here are my slides from the session:

Developing Mobile Applications for SharePoint

For those after the code samples, I will be including them in the Developing Mobile apps for SharePoint series.

It was a bit of fun and given I didn’t want to carry a massive digital document/phone projector to NZ and AU I improvised as well. 

Here is the recipe:

  • 2 kilos of Lack of shame
  • 1 HD Microsoft Web Cam
  • Lots of ability to make fun of yourself
  • 1 LifeCam software running on your laptop that is projected
  • 1 Lumia 800 without video out capability for 3rd party apps

And you get ….. #johnsoncam


Photo Credit: @mrhodes

I’m sorry for all those who had to witness this act … but thanks to those who laughed.


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